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Danny Jumbo


Danny Jumbo

I`ve been a birdwatching guide in Mindo for 7 years. I’ve lived in Mindo all my life, and I became a birdwatcher in 2002, when an ornithologist named Roger Alhman, a professional birdwatcher, stayed in my house while learning Spanish. I had the opportunity to go with him to look for birds around Mindo for almost 3 months and I began to learn all the English names of the birds and how to recognize them. Then I continued studying birds myself until I became a birdwatching guide. Now I work as a freelance guide for different hostels in Mindo and other agencies in Quito, like Andean Birding, Septimo Paraiso, Mindo Gardens, El Monte and others.

My equipment includes a Swarovski 20 X 60 telescope, binoculars, a laser pointer and an ipod with all the sounds of the birds of Ecuador.