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Green Honey Creeper

West of Ecuador
West of Ecuador Complete

Andean Cock of the Rock

Club Winged Manakin

Blue Necked Tannanger

Yellow Bellied Elenia

Pacific Parrolet

Plumbeus Kite

Toucan Barbet

West of Ecuador 3 nightS 4 days

We will go to the Yanacocha reserve at 3400 m. above sea level on the side of the Pichincha volcano. In this area we can find different kinds of birds, such as:

Sword billed Hummingbird, Great Sapphirewing, Buff-Winged Starfrontlet, Sapphire-Vented and Golden-Breasted Puffleg, the magic Black breasted Puffleg and others, like Andean Guan, Barred Bellied Woodpecker and Barred Fruiteater.

After we enjoy an energizing breakfast, we will start looking for birds on the old road, Mindo Nono (Ecorruta), where we can find different birds, like Beautiful Jay, Blue capped Tanager and in the river, White capped Dipper and Slaty-Backed Chat-Tyrant and sometimes a Plait billed mountain Toucan and Toucan Barbet.
We will arrive at the Hostel in the afternoon.

We will start in the morning by visiting Bellavista Reserve. It is located at about 2600m. above sea level, where we can find the spectacular endemic birds, like the Toucan Barbet, plate- billed Mountain Toucan and tanager Finch, or some tanagers like Blue capped or Flame faced tanagers. After that, we are going to go back to have lunch at the Hostel.

In the afternoon we can visit a place for hummingbirds and walk, looking for birds in the same area.

On this day, we need to wake up early: 4 am, because we will visit the best place in Ecuador to have a chance to see the marvelous Andean cock of the rock in the lek and, Antpittas, like the Giant, Yellow-Breasted, Moustached and Ochre-Breasted. The owner, Angel Paz, calls these antpittas Maria, Willy and Shaquira. We can also see the place where Angel feeds some bananas to the birds, like Olivaceous Piha and Black-Chinned Mountain Tanager, Blue Winged Mountain Tanager and sickle-Winged Guan, and possibly an Orange-Breasted Fruiteater in mixed flocks.

After lunch we will look for mixed flocks on the main road, where we can find tanagers, Flycatchers, Toucans and others.

We will go birdwatching in the Cascade road. We are going to spend all morning, and we can see golden tanager, Beryl spangled Tanager, metallic-Green Tanager, scaled Fruiteater, Masked Trogon and others. Then we will have lunch and check out.
This itinerary can be changed, depending on which birds you want to see, and weather is important to keep in mind.

Complete Tour

In this tour the first three days are the same as above, but the itinerary changes on day 4.

We will depart in the morning to visit El Cinto, where we are going to find a reserve call Vista Verde. It is located at about 1100m. above sea level. This reserve is the limit of the area where we counted for the Christmas Birding Count. In the Cinto river, we can find White capped Dipper, Sunbitern and Torrent Duck. While walking on the trails, we can see Rose-Faced Parrot, Lanceolated Monklet, White-Whiskered Puffbird, Olive Finch, Scarlet-Rumped Cacique, Lesser Seed-Finch, Collared Forest- Falcon, Rudy Foliage Gleaner and others like Esmaraldas Antbird, dusky Antbird and the rare Glistening- Green Tanager.

We will go back in the afternoon to the hostel and try to find birds on the road back. Around 6 pm we will look for Lyre-tailed Nightjar.

We will depart at 5:30 am to Milpe Road. It is located 800 to 1000m. above sea level. There we will go to a reserve, the Mindo Cloud forest, where we can find different birds, like club Winged, Golden Winged Manakin, Moss-Backed –Tanager, Uniform Treehunter, Choco Toucan, Pale Mandibled Aracari , Green Thorntail, Green Honeycreeper, Purple Honeycreeper, and others. After we have a box lunch, we will go birdwatching until the end of the road, where we can find other birds, like Choco Trogon, Crimson-Bellied Woodpecker, Brown-billed scythebill, Slaty capped Shrike-Vireo and others.

Dia 6
We will start in the morning by visiting Cilanche. It is located more or less 600 m. above sea level. On that road, there is a reserve where we can find a platform 15 to 20 meters high. From there we can see different kinds of birds, such as Plumbeous Kite, Laughing Falcon, Yellow Tufted, Scarlet Breasted Dacnis , Gray and gold, Scarlet Browed, Golden Hooded tanagers. After we have a box lunch, we can go back on the road and look for mixed flocks.


We will visit a 106.5 km reserve located on the way to Pedro Vicente Maldonado. In this reserve we can find Immaculate Antbird, Bicolored Antbird, Barred Puffbird, Slate Throated Gnatcatcher, Western White-Tailed Trogon, White-Bearded Mankin and others.

Then we will go back to the hostel to have lunch and check out.
Antisana (One Day Tour)

Birdwatching Antisana

Tour Antisana

We will depart very early in the morning for the Antisana Reserve, located about 2 hours from Quito. In the first part, we will find small sections of the forest where it is possible to see interesting birds, like Tufted Tit-tyrant or Cinereous Conebill. Later, we will go to the Highlands, where we will find the majestic Andean Condor, also with luck the Black Chested Buzzard-Eagle, Many-Striped Canastero , Black Faced Ibis, Stout-Billed Cinclodes, Curunculated Caracara, Andean Lapwing. Later, we will go to a lagoon to see the rare Silvery Grebe, Andean Teal, Andean Gull and Andean Ruddy-Duck. Here, we will have a box lunch, and then head back and go birdwatching along the way.