Other activities

Visit to the Waterfalls

In that Reserve is possible find 4 or 5 different waterfalls, where you can enjoy its crystal clear water and a wonderful hike in side of the cloud forest,before to go to the waterfalls you will enjoy the cablecar adventure and magic view where you can see the cloud forest and the Nambillo river .

For this adventure you need at least  3 or 4 hours and is important to bring raincoat, waterproof shoes.

Cannopy or Sipline

In this activity will enjoy the views from the air, you will cross 10 wires of different distance and each one you can ask for the way that you can cross the wires , 2hours at less you need for this activity.

Butterfly Farm

In this activity you will enjoy the process of the butterfly also you will have a oportunity of take a wonderful pictures and feed them. It is hard to realice time surrounding so much wonder that guive us the Nature.

Chocolate Farm

In this area you will know everything about the  Chocolate even you can be a part of the process and also you can taste it .

Hummingbirds Garden

In this area you can enjoy watching the hummingbirds,  between   10-15 species easy you can find in the area like Green Crowned Woodnymph, white necked Jacobin, Green Crowned Brilliant.

Orchids Garden

In this  magical place you will see at less 200 species of native orchids, you will enjoy the colors, the fragrance of the flowers and you will have a oportunity of take a lot pictures of them.

Chairlift in Mindo

In this activity you will enjoy the views and the experience that you will be between the canopy of the trees and some times you can watch some birds flying around.this activity is a wonderful experience for enjoy the cloud forest .

Canyoning Mindo

This Adventure sport  consists in descent the waterfalls or rocky areas of different height, testing you ability  and courage, is important to know that you will have a tour guide all the time, for that reason you need to follow the recommendations that the guide will guive you at the beginning

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