Cloud Forest Tour 4 days

Cloud Forest Tour

(4 DAYS )

Day 1.- Yanacocha Reserve

If you  are in Quito i can pick you up in your hotel and we can start visiting the reserve yanacocha , that place is located in about 3400masn hiking  there  is a little bit difficult if you have a problem with the altitude but the trail is flat and it has feeders in the beginning of trail.in that place we can find interesting birds like scarlet bellied mountain tanager, hooded mountain tanager, black chested mountain tanager, buff breasted mountain tanager, some humminbirds  like great  sapphirewing, swordbill  humminbirds , sapphire vented puffleg, golden breasted puffleg , just to name  a few.

Then we will have a lunch in the same area.

After to visit this place we can birding in the ecorruta old roud mindo- nono and we will arrive at Mindo town more a less 5-6pm

Day 2.- Ecorruta old round Mindo-Nono

That place is located in about 1700masn-2600masn; in this place we can try to find wonderful birds such a plate billed mountain toucan, crested quetzal, toucan barbet, white faced nunbird, tanager finch, collared inca, gorgeted  sunangel , grass green tanager, beryl spangled  tanager, and others we can spend a full day there.

Day 3.- Paz de las Aves  Reserve

This reserve is known throughout the world, because we can see five different antppita  such as guian antppita , moustached antppita, yellow breasted antppita, ochre breasted antppita , chesnut crowned antppita   and the owner feed them with small worms.

After lunch we can move to the town to looking for more birds.

Day 4.– San Lorenzo Round

This place is describe about  but i can put some other options  like club winged manaki , golden winged manaki , some woodcreepers  and woodpeckers .this will be in the morning after lunch we move to quito but we can stop in the way for check some hummingbirds them continuo to Quito.

Is important to say that you can change this itinerary according to the birds that each client looking for so you can contact with me for suggestions.

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