Cloud Forest Tour 8 days

Cloud Forest Tour

(8 DAYS)

Is important to say that in this tour is the continuo of the other tour for four days.

Day 5.- La 23 de Junio Community

This place is about 1000masn, we can find there long wattle umbrella bird lek, sometimes is possible to find 4-5 males and females as well, we spend all the morning there. After lunch we will visit milpe area for looking for other interesting birds such as choco wabler, club winged manaki, golden winged manaki, ochre breasted tanager, green thorntail  and others.

Day 6.- Cilanche Place

This place is located about 800masn very good place for find some interesting birds such as  choco trogon, white tailed trogon, lineated woodpecker, guayaquil woodpecker, cinnamon woodpecker, gray and gold tanager, scarlet breasted dacnis, yellow tufted dacnis, scarlet thinghed dannis, purple honeycreeper, white bearded manaki, red capped manaki , barred  puffbird, white whiskered puffbird  to name just a few of them.we will spend a full day there so for that day will take a box lunch with us.

Day 7.- Amagusa  Reserve

This place is about 800masn-1000masn we can find wonderful birds such as glistening green tanager, moss backed tanager,  black chinned mountain tanager, indigo flowerpiercer , orange breasted fruiteater  we can spend all the morning there after lunch we can visit other place name el chontal  in that place we can see the oilbird inside of the cave.

Day 8.- Antisana Reserve

 this  reserve is located about 3000masn- 4000masn  we can find andean condor, andean gull, andean lapwing, andean teal , yellow billed pintail, black faced ibis, andean rudy duck , silvery grebe  wonderful place for visit.

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