Easter Side Tour

Easter Side Tour

(8 DAYS)

Day 1

This  tour we can start visiting Antisana Reserve them in the afternoon we will visit Papallacta Reserve, there we can find interesting birds like a Rufous Bellied Seedsnipe, Masked Mountain Tanager, black chested Mountain Tanager, Scarlet Bellied  Mountain Tanager.

Day 2

Guango area we can spend a full day there and tray to find some birds like Tourmaline Sunangel, Mountain Avocetbill, Mountain Velvetbreast , Torrent Duck, White Capped Dipper, Gray Breasted Mountain Toucan.

Day 3

We can spend all the mourning at Guango them after lunch we can move for the next reserve or lodge San Isidro area, we can looking for some options in the way .

Day 4

A full day in San Isidro, we can tray to see some some interesting birds like

 White Bellied Antpitta, Inca Jay, Masked Trogon, Bronzy Inca, Chesnut Bellied Coronet and others in the afternoon we can continue on  Caucheras roud for looking for some birds like a Crested Quetzal, Torrent Duck, Glosy Black Trush.

Day 5

We can visit Guacamayos ridge trail, is cut Into a steep on the slope on the eastern  side of the Ecuadorian Andes we can find a temperature and  typical subtropical habitat, in this area we can find some birds where is possible to spend all the mourning.

After we can birdwatching in the way to Wildsumaco lodge on the Loreto roud, we will arrive 5-6pm to the lodge.

Day 6

Wildsumaco is a wonderful place for looking for birds some tanager, like paradise tanager, Orange Eared Tanager, Turquoise Tanager, Spoted Tanager just for mentioned a few of them , some Hummingbirds like Napo Sabrewing, Violet Fronted Brilliant, Black Throated Brilliant, Fork Tailed Woodnymph and others, we can spend the mourning around de lodge then we can move to the Antpitta place for tray to see plain Backed Antpitta and Ochre Breasted Antpitta.

Day 7

In this day we can tray some of the trail around the lodge where easily we spend all the mourning there and after lunch we will tray the roud lower of the lodge and another trail .

Day 8

Spend the mourning around the lodge or we can tray  a trail where we can see that is necessary tray again , after lunch we  go back to Quito.

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